Telecentres- a recognised brand name in many countries are community information centres which members can use to retrieve certain information. In the South African context there are many different types of such centres. Within this course, whilst the term "telecentres" is sometimes used, usually the more general term of "eCentres" is used. Hence, the course name: Fundamentals of eCentres in South Africa.

The Fundamentals of eCentre Management course addresses key concepts which will enable eCentre managers with the necessary skills to operate a successful eCentre. The critical factors to ensure a successful eCentre include the effective management of equipment; technology; and systems. The most important factor is to empower community members with accessible and relevant information to improve their economic and social status. It is the task of the eCentre Manager to be aware of the needs of the community in order to provide and effective service.

The steps involved in setting up an eCentre are introduced in this programme. The sequence in which the course is presented consists of 5 fundamental modules which include:

  • Fundamentals of eCentres
  • Fundamentals of eCentre Management
  • Introduction to eCentre Services
  • Introduction to Computer and Internet
  • Qualities of an eCentre Manager